Orange Peel — A diversified contemporary pop music blog

Webdesign / Sideproject

Co-Founded with Kilian Mutter

My role in the project: Design, code, words

Founded in 2014, redesign in 2015

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Orange Peel is a diversified swiss music blog I founded back in 2014 with Kilian Mutter to cover all kinds of better contemporary pop music. A swiss collective of music bloggers are collecting current vibes and images for your acoustic and visual experience.

I am also responsible for CI/CD, webdesign and coding. Orange Peel runs over Wordpress.

Orange Peel
Orange Peel
Orange Peel

Monthly Playlist

Besides writing about new music on a daily basis, we also put together a monthly playlist with a focus on the best tracks from the past month as well as some new emerging talents.

Click on one of the covers to listen to the playlist.

Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist
All credits for the playlist covers go to Cameron Taylor.

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