Dream Like Fellini

Through self-experiments, I want to find out how I can disrupt my sleep and dream cycles as well as record my dreams.

A first method was to dream like Fellini (or more catch my dreams in the way Fellini did it). So Frederico Fellini was a famous filmmaker that took a lot of inspiration of his dreams and used his dream journal as a way to capture his dreams in a very illustrative way.

The goal was to build small stories, with words and drawings of my dreams with only a pen and a small dream book. I wanted to find out how creative I can interpret my dreams on paper and how much they still reflect my dreams.

This method definitely helped me capture my own dream stories and also to give them a visual expression. However I wouldn’t consider myself such a good drawer as Fellini was. If you have the chance, check out Frederico Fellinis Book of Dreams, truly magnificent!

I also started to put together a dream kit for my self experiments with a step-to-step guide and my initial goals. Download the Dream Like Fellini Method here.




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