Google Dream Image Search Engine

I conducted another self-experiments with the help of a possible Google Dream Image Search Engine, that should underline my dream stories with a realistic visual world.

For example in this dream, I was flying away in a car, but it was not a futuristic car more an old car, and oh I think the car was orange. But I didn’t see the car from the outside, I was actually sitting inside the car! And also police officers were chasing me. Not like him, they were wearing yellow/transparent overlays. And at some point I was hungry!

This experiment showed me that our dreams consist of a lot of fragments. With a further performance it was also possible to replicate the jumps we do in our dreams. It was however difficult to find picture that really relate to how I dreamed a scene. But maybe this isn’t too important.

You can download the method paper for this experiment: Google-Dream-Image-Search-Engine.




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