Share your dreams with the world

I asked myself again, what’s actually the most satisfying element of dreams? And where do we already have interactions with our dreams? Of course it’s dreaming it self but also dream sharing. As soon as I start to talk to someone about what Im currently researching, they interrupted me with something like: “Oh interesting… I had a very weird dream last night.” Or, “I recently had this dream about someone but I don’t know if I should tell it to this person”. So Dream Sharing seems a very important factor in processing our dreams.

Following this idea I thought about three different scenarios and rapid prototyping ideas.

Share your dream with the world

A dream platform where you could actively share any kind of dreams with other fellow dreamers. Building up on this idea, I started to tweet my dream reports and also share my dream thoughts, day dreams etc. Follow me on twitter to read what I dream about.

«I dreamed about you last night»

A wearable that vibrates or notifies you when someone dreamed about you or mentioned  your name in a dream report.

Share your dreams with strangers

A phone call service that wakes you up and connects you to a fellow dreamer to exchange dreams.


Find those three methods here: Dream-Sharing




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