Telegram Dream Analyze Bot

I’ve build up on the dream analytic idea and created a Dream Analyze Bot through Telegram and the Tone Analyze API from IBMs Watson. Dreamers can share their dreams with the bot and according to the dream report the bot gives the user back some emotional data (more precise described here).


The goal was to find out how those analytics represent how you may have felt during your dream and also if it is possible to find out emotions just from a dream description. At some point I also implemented emojis that the dreamer receives when one emotion is very high.


Conclusion: Of course this API is not really meant to find out how someone felt during an event and more focussing on how something is formulated. However the analytics are very depending on how a dreamer is describing the dream, – the content of the dream – it also represent how someone else could make sense of the emotional state from someone else dream. To conclude the analyzed data from the dreamer can vary heavily from what and how the dreamer really felt while dreaming or just after.




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