Meet Lucy

Lucy is 23 years old, Interventionist and self-proclaimed professional dreamer.

Lucy works for an innovative design agency. She is very curious and has interest in everything new as well as all day happenings around her.

Lucy is very tech-affin. She loves to try out new things and of course already tried out different quantified-self products, because a lot of the people surrounding her do the same. However non of them really appealed to her.

Most of those products were just recording data of myself and represent those in uncreative ways, sometimes even just numbers. Lucy doesn’t really like data, she thinks plain numbers are boring and reduce us to something very unfulfilled.

Lucy is smart and also aware that companies benefit from her recorded data. But she also want to benefit from her own data. Products nourished by her should also help her actively explore her own body and soul instead of just represent what she already knows!

She thinks that she is actually already very much in control of her body and her life. She is running frequently, eats healthy etc. But one thing that’s still a big mysterious for her is dreaming.

She beliefs dreams reveal hidden messages of her but she doesn’t belief in this dream symbol bullshit. Still she would like something that gives her the possibility to explore her own dreams or share them with friends. Because for Lucy dreams are very personal and also reveal very interesting stories of herself. She could also imagine they could help her with problem solving tasks. Sometimes in the middle of the night, Lucy wakes up and feels very emotional. Most of the time this happens just after she experienced a dream.

Lucy is a very active dreamer but can remember just a few of her dreams after waking up. Some mysterious dreams follow her through the day.

In the past, she recorded her own dreams with an old school dream journal, but most of the time she feels too lazy to write them down just after awakening. She is not really a morning person and normally just wakes up after the third and last alarm rang.

Lucy also likes to daydream. While sitting close to the public bus window, watching the trees passing, her thoughts start to travel. Also in conversations with people, sometimes she’s not really present in reality and as soon as she’s back interrupts the other person and tells what she just (day) dreamed. Lucys friends call her lovingly a professional dreamer.

She really likes this description and also started to describe herself as a professional Dreamer to others and as well on social media, of course always with a twinkler. 😉




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