Meeting Luce for the first time

It was early in the morning. Lucy was on her way to the agency she works for. She was still tired and wanted to go back to the dream she just had before the alarm rang for the 4 time in a row and her flatmate opened the door rapidly to tell her she was late.

Lucy was sitting in the train, with her head rest to the window. She was looking outside how the trees were passing by and she knew that she has another 30 min to commute till she would arrive.

Just before she left her flat she drank a big cup of coffee. She’s actually used to drink coffee not until she arrives at her office, so she could still sleep in the train for a couple of minutes. Not so today.

She looked outside of the window, trying to float away into her thoughts and hopefully later start to dream. But it didn’t work. So she started doing something she normally does when she can’t sleep. Observing people. She looked around in the train, some people were reading cheap news papers, others played candy crush on their phones, eating breakfast on-the-go and then there was one person actually sleeping. People who sleep always look very funny, especially when they are sitting. But this person had something unknown but interesting hanging around her neck. A little bit like a half-transparent glass tube with something mysterious floating in the middle. Lucy observed her for the rest of the ride. At some point the stranger awoke gently, grabbed the device, firmly with one hand and started whispering into it. Lucy tried to listen what this person was saying, but she was too far away. She observed the person speaking calmly into the device. It did feel way more intime than having an external device for a phone call. It looked like she was speaking into a small glass bottle and at some point something was evolving in the glass.

Lucy couldn’t hold herself anymore and out of pure interest she stood up and timidly approached the person which now stopped speaking into the glass and was looking into the small glass tube. «What is this?» Lucy asked the women with an insecure voice.

«My dream» answered the women in a self-secure voice, her eyes still only focussing on the device. «Do you wanna have a look?» asked the women Lucy.

Lucy was a little bit perplex. Didn’t really now how to answer but her intuition already decided for her mind. «Yes, sure!» was slipping over her lips.

The two were now sitting next to each other looking into the device, where a lymb-like figure, painted in bright colors was moving, dancing & reforming around. «What does it mean?» asked Lucy the women. «It’s currently evolving into another dream» repeated the women. «For me it shows me how I felt during my dream». «But… But how does it work?» asked Lucy. «I don’t really know», replied the women now looking into Lucys eyes with a bright smile on her face. «Probably some deep learning algorithms, that transform data into beautiful creatures.» «But to be honest, I hate plain numbers, luckily computers are better in handling those.» Both started to laugh, still admiring the magic happening in the device. «Even if I don’t really now what’s happening and how it’s happening, every little creature, tells me something new about myself.» «It gives me time to reflect. On my dream, wether it’s a dream in the night, a day dream or just some random thoughts during the day. It reveals something of myself, helps me understand myself». «And I think that’s something beautiful». From this point on, Lucy knew she wanted one of those, still unknown, devices.

«Next stop: Zurich» came out of the speakers of the bus. It felt like something was interrupting the dream Lucy just experienced. She stood up and rushed to the already open door and just before leaving the train, it came into her mind that she still didn’t knew how this device was called. She turned around and asked the woman for the name of this device. Already outside of the train the woman cat-called Lucy: «Luce, its called Luce».

Lucy is my protagonist to outline and expand the universe of Luce. In this story she meets for her very first time a dream device called Luce.




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