The Magic Touch

“I have my Luce now for a week. I was very excited experience when I unboxed it. As soon as I looked at my Luce, it light blink, like saying hello! I wanted to start dreaming immediately. It was 3pm in the afternoon and I didn’t really feel tired. I tried to sleep. It was summer around 30Degrees outside, Sunbeams were hitting through the shutters on my face. I tried hard but I couldn’t sleep in. Maybe I wasn’t meant to dream right now.

The couple of nights following I wasn’t really dreaming or at least that’s what I thought. Because actually we dream every night. Sometimes we just can’t remember them. I was probably to nervous. I really wanted to test my new Luce. After a few nights my urge calmed down a little. And I finally experienced a dream again! My Luce was blinking with a soft light as it was already waiting to hear my dream story! I grabbed my Luce, on his dock station close to my bed and started whispering my dream into the device…”

Lucy is my protagonist to outline and expand the universe of Luce. This story explains the first time she records one of her dreams just after waking up from a dream.




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