Hi, my name is Simon Gwinner, I’m an aspiring Interaction Designer, currently doing my BA in Interaction Design at the Zurich University of Arts. This blog is dedicated to my very last bachelor project and is used as a documentation, inspiration & weekly diary platform.

My thesis builds up on the assumption that we get more and more hyperaware of our body. We know how many steps we walk, on what fitness level we are. We know how much we eat & how many calories we are still allowed to eat. We know how productive we are during work time and what situations increase our blood values. We can even measure how we clean our teeth.

But even if have all this data and could get more efficient in our daily life, 1/3 of our life we are still sleeping. That’s more than we do anything else! And of course we do need sleep, to be capable of doing what we want to do. When we sleep we also dream. Sadly 95% of all dreams fade away even before we leave the bed.

One prominent theory says that dreams serve the function of sorting through the experience of a day & integrating them with past experiences stored in our memory.

I see this as just the beginning. I see the quantified-dream as the next step of the quantified-self. Let’s call it the meaningful-self.

What if we could enhance the efficiency of dreaming? What if we could enter the holy grail of dreaming more often & control the dreams into the direction we want them to go? What do dreams tell and how can we cumulate all our dreams into one big meaningful story? And is a dream just a dream or is it actually a more conscious state of our life?

Those questions offer a lot of possibilities but also open up a critical dialogue. I want to focus on both, the possible & the impossible and conclude them in a critical examination of efficiency dreaming.

I’m looking forward to meet some fellow dreamers over the next few months! If your interest in this project, want to talk to me about your very own dreams or have any other inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me!