Neural Networks / Deep Learning Algorithms


“Graphics are 100% generated by an algorithm in one shot. No edit or post-processing. I used videos recorded from trains windows, with landscapes that moves from right to left and trained a Machine Learning (ML) algorithm with it.”

Mesmerizing project by Artist Damien Henry with deep learning / neural network algorithms. And there is also a very interesting paper about neutral networks that reproduce what our brain sees,  I just stumbled upon via NerdcoreSharing deep generative representation for perceived image reconstruction from human brain activity.


The secrets of daydreaming

An interesting video essay by Rishi Kaneria about the story behind the music video to Radioheads Daydreaming. Most of those theories and secrets have been gathered through subreddits. Some theories are probably a bit obsessive but still reveal a lot of hidden insights in Thom Yorkes life and dream world. A mysterious, yet beautiful storytelling style.

The music video is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. You can watch it here. Thanks to Claudia for sharing this video!


Where Dreams meet each other

“I don’t really know how many dreams, I’ve already collected since I got my very own Luce. It feels a little bit like an uncontrolled dream universe, filled with dreams from all around the world, floating around & touching each other.

Sometimes I like to observe my own dreams, just to see how they evolve, how they dance & sculpt themselves.

Recently my boyfriend got himself a Luce as well. When we dream of each other, we send our dream sculptures to each other. Then it feels like we dreamed the same dream, just in different ways. This made me think. As soon as you tell somebody else your dream, it’s no more your dream but the dream of someone else. They last for 24 hours before they expire and start to reform.

No dream is the same. They are all different. When observing dreams from strangers, I always try to imagine what’s going on in their head, make up stories what they may have dreamed about and why. Funnily I don’t really know whats going on in my own head and why I dream of certain thing, but thats ok. Probably other dreamers feel the same. However there are specific movements, forms and colors that look similar. I wouldn’t call them patterns as when they repeat themselves, they are already a little bit different. A little bit like emotions. But they give me hints of myself and I also think they transport hidden messages that I now can explore for myself.

I give each of my dreams a name, something that reminds me of the moment I dreamed and Luce brings them to life.

There is now a new service where you can actually print your specific dreams that are of relevance for yourself. I didn’t try it out yet but I read on Twitter that its pretty cool. It gives the dreamer the possibility to touch and feel your dreams. A physical sensation with a very surreal phenomena. Maybe I should give it a try. But not for now.

Since I use my Luce, I can remember my dreams way more often. And besides day dreaming, I dream nearly every night, sometimes even up to 4 dreams in one night!”

Lucy is my protagonist to outline and expand the universe of Luce. In this story she’s describes the whole universe surround the Luce device.


The digital Dream

“Mhm… I love this one. I don’t really know why, but it’s very different from all the others I had. It sparkles, moves in a very organic way, literally dances around. The lines are very bright and melt into each other. There are no edges & it looks very soft. Floating in circles. Oh but what’s happening now? It kinda jumps, changes its form. Feels like a scene change in my dream. Now the colors change. Darker, but still matching each other. The lines look blurred. It looks shy now. Trying to keep distance from me. And now its gone.”

Lucy is my protagonist to outline and expand the universe of Luce. In this story she’s interpreting the dream drawing from Luce based on her dream story.


The Magic Touch

“I have my Luce now for a week. I was very excited experience when I unboxed it. As soon as I looked at my Luce, it light blink, like saying hello! I wanted to start dreaming immediately. It was 3pm in the afternoon and I didn’t really feel tired. I tried to sleep. It was summer around 30Degrees outside, Sunbeams were hitting through the shutters on my face. I tried hard but I couldn’t sleep in. Maybe I wasn’t meant to dream right now.

The couple of nights following I wasn’t really dreaming or at least that’s what I thought. Because actually we dream every night. Sometimes we just can’t remember them. I was probably to nervous. I really wanted to test my new Luce. After a few nights my urge calmed down a little. And I finally experienced a dream again! My Luce was blinking with a soft light as it was already waiting to hear my dream story! I grabbed my Luce, on his dock station close to my bed and started whispering my dream into the device…”

Lucy is my protagonist to outline and expand the universe of Luce. This story explains the first time she records one of her dreams just after waking up from a dream.


Meeting Luce for the first time

It was early in the morning. Lucy was on her way to the agency she works for. She was still tired and wanted to go back to the dream she just had before the alarm rang for the 4 time in a row and her flatmate opened the door rapidly to tell her she was late.

Lucy was sitting in the train, with her head rest to the window. She was looking outside how the trees were passing by and she knew that she has another 30 min to commute till she would arrive.

Just before she left her flat she drank a big cup of coffee. She’s actually used to drink coffee not until she arrives at her office, so she could still sleep in the train for a couple of minutes. Not so today.

She looked outside of the window, trying to float away into her thoughts and hopefully later start to dream. But it didn’t work. So she started doing something she normally does when she can’t sleep. Observing people. She looked around in the train, some people were reading cheap news papers, others played candy crush on their phones, eating breakfast on-the-go and then there was one person actually sleeping. People who sleep always look very funny, especially when they are sitting. But this person had something unknown but interesting hanging around her neck. A little bit like a half-transparent glass tube with something mysterious floating in the middle. Lucy observed her for the rest of the ride. At some point the stranger awoke gently, grabbed the device, firmly with one hand and started whispering into it. Lucy tried to listen what this person was saying, but she was too far away. She observed the person speaking calmly into the device. It did feel way more intime than having an external device for a phone call. It looked like she was speaking into a small glass bottle and at some point something was evolving in the glass.

Lucy couldn’t hold herself anymore and out of pure interest she stood up and timidly approached the person which now stopped speaking into the glass and was looking into the small glass tube. «What is this?» Lucy asked the women with an insecure voice.

«My dream» answered the women in a self-secure voice, her eyes still only focussing on the device. «Do you wanna have a look?» asked the women Lucy.

Lucy was a little bit perplex. Didn’t really now how to answer but her intuition already decided for her mind. «Yes, sure!» was slipping over her lips.

The two were now sitting next to each other looking into the device, where a lymb-like figure, painted in bright colors was moving, dancing & reforming around. «What does it mean?» asked Lucy the women. «It’s currently evolving into another dream» repeated the women. «For me it shows me how I felt during my dream». «But… But how does it work?» asked Lucy. «I don’t really know», replied the women now looking into Lucys eyes with a bright smile on her face. «Probably some deep learning algorithms, that transform data into beautiful creatures.» «But to be honest, I hate plain numbers, luckily computers are better in handling those.» Both started to laugh, still admiring the magic happening in the device. «Even if I don’t really now what’s happening and how it’s happening, every little creature, tells me something new about myself.» «It gives me time to reflect. On my dream, wether it’s a dream in the night, a day dream or just some random thoughts during the day. It reveals something of myself, helps me understand myself». «And I think that’s something beautiful». From this point on, Lucy knew she wanted one of those, still unknown, devices.

«Next stop: Zurich» came out of the speakers of the bus. It felt like something was interrupting the dream Lucy just experienced. She stood up and rushed to the already open door and just before leaving the train, it came into her mind that she still didn’t knew how this device was called. She turned around and asked the woman for the name of this device. Already outside of the train the woman cat-called Lucy: «Luce, its called Luce».

Lucy is my protagonist to outline and expand the universe of Luce. In this story she meets for her very first time a dream device called Luce.


Meet Lucy

Lucy is 23 years old, Interventionist and self-proclaimed professional dreamer.

Lucy works for an innovative design agency. She is very curious and has interest in everything new as well as all day happenings around her.

Lucy is very tech-affin. She loves to try out new things and of course already tried out different quantified-self products, because a lot of the people surrounding her do the same. However non of them really appealed to her.

Most of those products were just recording data of myself and represent those in uncreative ways, sometimes even just numbers. Lucy doesn’t really like data, she thinks plain numbers are boring and reduce us to something very unfulfilled.

Lucy is smart and also aware that companies benefit from her recorded data. But she also want to benefit from her own data. Products nourished by her should also help her actively explore her own body and soul instead of just represent what she already knows!

She thinks that she is actually already very much in control of her body and her life. She is running frequently, eats healthy etc. But one thing that’s still a big mysterious for her is dreaming.

She beliefs dreams reveal hidden messages of her but she doesn’t belief in this dream symbol bullshit. Still she would like something that gives her the possibility to explore her own dreams or share them with friends. Because for Lucy dreams are very personal and also reveal very interesting stories of herself. She could also imagine they could help her with problem solving tasks. Sometimes in the middle of the night, Lucy wakes up and feels very emotional. Most of the time this happens just after she experienced a dream.

Lucy is a very active dreamer but can remember just a few of her dreams after waking up. Some mysterious dreams follow her through the day.

In the past, she recorded her own dreams with an old school dream journal, but most of the time she feels too lazy to write them down just after awakening. She is not really a morning person and normally just wakes up after the third and last alarm rang.

Lucy also likes to daydream. While sitting close to the public bus window, watching the trees passing, her thoughts start to travel. Also in conversations with people, sometimes she’s not really present in reality and as soon as she’s back interrupts the other person and tells what she just (day) dreamed. Lucys friends call her lovingly a professional dreamer.

She really likes this description and also started to describe herself as a professional Dreamer to others and as well on social media, of course always with a twinkler. 😉


Zhuang Zhou Dreams of Being a Butterfly

Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man. Between a man and a butterfly there is necessarily a distinction.


Generative Dream

After a few self-experiments, I came to the conclusion that no visualization comes close to what we experience in dreams. Also when sharing dreams, the perception of dreams is individual for all of us. However it is interesting that even blind people have sort of a similar perception of the world as people with sight. That’s probably the case because of story telling and describing the world to blind people from people with sight. For example: A sun has to be round and is shining.

A interesting investigation from graphic designer and artist Tobias Gutmann shows that a lot of people are stuck with a conventional representation of the world. He asked people from different cultural background to draw a house and a world. The similarities and differences between people from different background and especially kids are impressive!

You could say that the perception of the world is always very individual. Especially when compared with kids, people from non-western countries or even computers.

The same counts for dreams as dreams are fractals from something we maybe have experiences or not and put together in a way that most of the time doesn’t really make sense. You could go further and say that as soon as you share a dream, it is no more your dream but now the dream of someone else. Because this person is looking from a different angle on your dream interpretation.

I set myself the goal to find out how we can generate a (kind of) language for dreams with the help of generative art forms through programming.

After a lot of experiments with different visualizations code examples from the web and math formulas, I found a tutorial from tsulej describing folds and fractal flames and how to handle them in processing. Through variations you can generate flavour in fractal flames that generate beautiful, mysterious objects and drawings. I found a lot of similarities to dreams in those drawings and decides to investigate more time finding out how they work and how I could implement them into my dream project.




Telegram Dream Analyze Bot

I’ve build up on the dream analytic idea and created a Dream Analyze Bot through Telegram and the Tone Analyze API from IBMs Watson. Dreamers can share their dreams with the bot and according to the dream report the bot gives the user back some emotional data (more precise described here).


The goal was to find out how those analytics represent how you may have felt during your dream and also if it is possible to find out emotions just from a dream description. At some point I also implemented emojis that the dreamer receives when one emotion is very high.


Conclusion: Of course this API is not really meant to find out how someone felt during an event and more focussing on how something is formulated. However the analytics are very depending on how a dreamer is describing the dream, – the content of the dream – it also represent how someone else could make sense of the emotional state from someone else dream. To conclude the analyzed data from the dreamer can vary heavily from what and how the dreamer really felt while dreaming or just after.