This page is left blank on purpose |

For the ones who (also) dream of stranger worlds,
the future might be hidden in the source code...

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*In the dark two people whisper to each other*

"Tell me now, what did u dream about?" 🕯

"So we were on this island, we sometimes end up in my dreams. ☁️ The sun was slowly setting in tears, & the moon was silently rising. At midnight, under the bright full moon, the flowers started to bloom. 🌱

And from far away, through the clear night, Iggy Pop was howling..." 🎶

"Someday, I swear, we're gonna go to a place where we can do everything we want to, and can pet the crocodiles..." 🐊

"Nice, do u think this island really exists?" 🙃

"I don't really know, It felt a bit like when Di Caprio & Cotillard get lost in the semi-good movie Inception... but I know that at some point I really want to pet these crocodiles."

"Haha yeah, that would be a truly beautiful experience."

"Mhm, u know what... maybe we don't need to wait.
Why don't we just start dreaming together?" 💤