It's & I just woke up from a () dream.

What did u dream about?
A Last Flower

About a blooming flower no one's seen before.

My name is Simon, I’m currently home in Berlin, Germany where I design experiences for Infarm and explore the many possiblities that vertical and on-demand farming services can bring to urban communities. I can’t show you most of the things I'm working on (confidential...) but I can talk about my responsibilities (just ask )!

Beyond that, I also spend a lot of time on some of my personal ideas & concepts, focussing around human behaviours, social & technological structures, cultural dynamics & possible futures.

The aesthetics of the sharing economy
Beyond our world, there is another world
The aesthetics of social control mechanisms

I use to collect my thoughts & all kind of exciting things I find on the internet and elsewhere. Feel free to collaborate on any of the topics above or get inspired by some of the articles that I recently read.

A list of articles that I read recently

I intend to always design for and with culture and I do believe that (pop) culture defines in a lot of ways where we come from, who we are & what we want to become. Sometimes to the better, sometimes to the worse.

Personally & culturally, I'm in love with music. I write about better contemporary pop music on Orange Peel – a swiss music blog I co-founded with Kilian Mutter and a bunch of cool music enthusiast & every second month I'm connecting the dots between all kinds of genres and music styles on Zurich based internet radio station GDS.FM .

What I'm listening to right now

However, more important than pop culture, I think, are dreams. They somehow define our future, our values & needs as well as what we believe in, always mixture with a bit of poetry & randomness.

I consider myself a dedicated dreamer. I dream every day, every second. Some dreams influence my ideas, speculative stories & prototypes, some dreams I try to put into a visual context that (hopefully) inspires & some dreams I keep for myself (on purpose).

I believe, that we all have dreams (sometimes we even share similar dreams) about our very own future. A future where we will be the main actors (breath, feel & act). We can create this future (together), speculate about what could/might happen (30 years from now) & engrave a bit of ourselves (our values, opinions & visions) into tomorrow.

I can finally remember my dream!

It's about the future & us...