Dialogue around perception begins and ends with YOU

Conversational Application

E-Health Service Innovation in collaboration with Bayer Women's Health Care

Designed together with Sarard Vonberg and Nicole Schulthess

My role in the project: research, concept, (rapid)prototyping, graphical UI & communication

5 weeks service design course, BA Interaction Design at ZHDK in 2015

YOU imparts certified informations and experiences around contraception through a mobile dialogue. YOU is a concept for an app that works similar to e.g. a Whatsapp group chat and fits it’s dialogue to the language and personal needs of the user.

In YOU the user does not speak with real persons but with four fictitious contraception professionals, whom have each its own dialogue expertise.

Conceptvideo, explaining the whole service (currently only in German)


Through desktop research and interviews with customers and patiences as well as doctors and Bayer Women's Health Care we found out that the relationship between patients and doctors did change significantly during the last few years. Patients want to co-determinate which inquiry or operation should be conducted. Just as choosing the appropriate medicine or contraception method.

Shared decision making is an essential part within the dialog between the doctor and the patient. Patients should know about their rights and the way to conduct a conversation with the doctor in order to bring in their needs.

They should express their attitudes and expectations about their needs and also get to know all pro and contra points about possible contraceptive methods and discuss about it with the doctor. According to different studies, these co-decisions have a positive effect on the patient satisfaction.

Bayer Women's Health Care wants to cope with these altered requirements and help patients doctors and pharmacies with innovative instruments, which match better to the current needs and living environment of all participants. It is essential to adapt this new information- and communication tool to the needs of the users as to the daily work of the practice medicine and their responsibility for the patients health.

Dialogue as a medium

Concerning contraception, customers use particularly the internet as information source. These information, are mostly good, but too general and not aligned to the individual living environment and needs of the customer. Moreover, there are also, platforms and forums, where the given information isn't checked.

A conclusion consequent to this topic is, that information alone is not enough to make a decision. There is also the needs of a dialogue. A customer looks for connection in her close environment, who already know her or is willing to become acquainted.

You Personas
Dialogue helps participants to make the right decision

Applied to the decision making for the appropriate contraception method an important dialogue happens during the doctor consultation. While this consultation the customer tries to understand, discuss and establish the knowledge of the doctor in which the customer relies. As important, if not more important are all dialog windows which happen before or after the consultation. For example with the mother about her experience, the best girlfriend, who lives close to the same living environment or the boyfriend, who also should be an important part in the decision. One trusts those persons and appreciates their knowledge, collected experiences and their personal commentaries, because they already know about the living environment and needs of the customer.

The question arrises, how is it possible to use the quality of dialogue to impart information and answer resulting questions on a more personal and simultaneously trustworthy way?

What if?

What if, we could bring the subject of contraception closer to the customer in using a permanent dialogue? A dialogue which it is however not necessarily mandatory to make with a real human, but with an artificial intelligence? Of course, we are aware about the fact that with this we will ignite technical boundaries and arise some ethnical questions. However we still see a lot of potential to learn more about the needs and living environment of customers with such a dialogue which will enable a good respond.

Influence of You in the current service
You puts you in the center and is designed around your real needs

An enhanced mobile dialogue

YOU imparts certified informations and experiences around contraception through a mobile dialogue. It's an app that works similar to e.g. a Whatsapp group chat and fits it's dialogue to the language and personal needs of the customer. In YOU the customer does not speak with real people but with four fictitious contraception professionals, whom have each its own dialogue expertise.

You Personas
Four personas in You, each with its own experise

Those are: Knowledge, Experience, Empathy and Analysis – four, how we find, important dialogue characters, who look from different views at the basis for decision-making. YOU wants to meet you and it listens and responds to you. YOU also addresses to people who have a lack in dialogue expertise or do not dare to talk about certain themes with caregivers in close environment.

You Personas

Functions of YOU

A few functions we wanted to implement in our service are explained here.

Change dialogue partner

Change your dialogue partner

The user can change between all four dialogue partners. All questions and informations are categorized through those four partners and according to the question the responsible dialogue partner will answer. However it is possible for the user to change between the different perceptions and dialogue partners at all time.

Sort chat

The user can sort the whole chat history through one dialogue partner and gets all answers form the chosen point of view.

Change dialogue partner

Collect information

Collect information

YOU imparts information over a variety of medias. The user can save all those videos, pictures and information sheets in its own media library.

Ask questions specific to one dialogue partner

The user can choose between her dialogue partners, who should answer her question.

Ask specific partner

Collect information

Predefined Answers / Questions

It is possible to choose from predefined answers, which are related to the asked question or to keep the dialogue going.


A dialogue with YOU works over time. The user gets notifications as soon as one of the four dialogue partners reply or tries to keep the dialogue ongoing.

Ask specific partner

Chat history

Chat history

The whole chat history can be called and searched through at any time.

Touchpoints with You

YOU works on its own and doesn't necessary has to be included in a existing process. However the process of decision-making for a suitable contraceptive is affected by the use of YOU. Those affected service points are explained here.

Dream Visualisation Dream Visualisation Dream Visualisation
New (Service) Touch Points between the patient, YOU, doctors as well as relatives

Information phase

At the beginning of a decision-making process is the information phase. Here appears all advantages of YOU for the first time. Knowledge, experience and qualified information will be mediated, so the user can optimally prepare for the doctor appointment. The user gets to know better her own needs and learns about contraception on a nonchalant way through a mobile dialogue.

Doctor appointment

The user/patient already knows about her needs and can purposefully share her questions and needs with the doctor. The doctor hasn't to start from scratch, but can delve into into the concerns and desires of the patient.

Encourage Dialogue with Environment

YOU is aware of its limits and encourages the user from time to time also to a conversation with a person in real life. The user extends her knowledge and vocabulary while using YOU. This helps him lead a conversation. The users dialogue expertise increases and a variety of medias could also help a user to begin a conversation in real life (e.g. by showing a video about the intra vaginal ring to a friend).

Decision phase

Earlier or later its the time for decision making. The user can skim through all informations and knowledges she picked up while using YOU. Her own needs and all various views from her four helpers help the user to make the right decision, which fits to her and with whom she is satisfied. Because of the dialogue with YOU, the user now knows about her needs, the missing knowledge and therefore has a stable phase to make her own decision. She trusts in her own decision and therefore is confident with the chosen product and producer.

After decision-making

Because a dialogue should not only begin by you, but also end there, the user can still ask questions or contact all four new friends in YOU. (e.g. if the chosen product is still the best decision concerning her current living environment, which maybe already changed again).

Decision-making through dialogue

YOU is the starting point into an innovative research project which is devoted to expand the dialogue. We would like to spend more time and focus in a further research phase. We want to focus on what it all needs to get YOU in action. Further we would start first user tests and get in contact with, experts and possible users to study what and how we can carry on dialogue expertise.

YOU strikes a new way of communication, doesn't has to be included into a existing service but works parallel and has a impact on different service points. YOU also encourages dialogue expertise. We see the chance to expand this unused opportunity of a dialogue with AI as well as human support to start the conversation about and in YOU.

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