Normally nobody wants to see the attic.

This is my (dusty) space for some of the projects that I don’t want to throw away. Kind of like the past, just not as important anymore.

The aesthetics of the accident

The aesthetics of the accident

“Always keep your hands on the wheel. Be prepared to take over at any time.” said Tesla in its public beta phase for autonomous driving on public highways. An investigation into trust, emerging technology, and what risks exist when the promise is taking over the faith we put into these systems.

Meet Lingo

Language learning through conversation

On my own (but with some super kind test users), I explored the possibility of a conversational language buddy-application called Lingo based on the app Duolingo. I created a concept for a meaningful conversational chat buddy & prototyped the key-functionalities of Lingo with a strong focus on micro-interactions.


Dialogue around birth control begins and ends with you

Together with Sarad Vonberg & Nicole Schulthess we explored alternative ways of education about birth control. You are a concept for a service that includes four fictitious contraception professionals which fit their dialogue to the language and personal needs of young women. You should impart certified information and experiences around contraception methods through a mobile dialogue.


Skum - A spatial installation in the forest

For Lenzerheide Tourismus, we (INT-RA) went on an outer space journey to meet weightless luminous creatures from stranger worlds. They move and breath organically glows in the dark and seem to float in the air. They seek the attention of the opponent, inflate and deflate, spread out, and change their form through light.


Boks - A spatial exploration of perception and communication

As INT-RA we created BOKS, an interactive installation challenging the perception of space. The installation researches the perception and communication between people in spaces. Two rooms that look identical but are in different sizes are the experimental area. In there two or more people, can move around (if the size of the Boks allows it), a glimpse at each other and communicate with each other.


A personal energy harvesting tamagotchi

Together Nora Gailer and David Simon we gave birth to Ivy – an energy harvesting Tamagotchi. Ivy is a creature from a planet called Enerharv. As a friend of Ivy, you’re responsible that this small creature is fed with enough energy to survive. Ivy should draw attention to our general energy consumption and the energy sources we are using. The goal is to sensitise someone playfully on all the various energy sources our planet earth provides.


Breathing soft architecture

Together with a group of friends, we explored different architectural use cases with pneumatic actuators. We had the opportunity to examine the application of smart materials and their ability to transform space into responsive, adaptive products and environments. The outcome is an interactive installation showcasing possible use cases of soft actuators in an architectural context.

Gender Study Contrast

Gender Study Contrast in Swiss Universities

Together with David Wissen & Felix Stricker we visualised the gender study contrast within swiss universities over the last decade. The interactive visualisations let users explore the proportion of women and man in the elected majors of education.

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