What's up here? Seems like dust still exists.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born *1991 as a franco-suisse child of the sun, growing up close to the mountains in Switzerland & becoming what I am today, while I lived in Germany, Hong Kong and in different communities on the internet.


BA in Interaction Design at ZHdK, Zurich

I am an alumnus of Zurich University of Arts where I studied Interaction Design. During my studies, I learned about the craft & role of design, the importance of creativity and aesthetics and also what kind of implications design can have for others.


Studies in Creative Media CityU, Hong Kong

I also studied Creative Media (for a bit) at the School of Creative Media in Hong Kong. But to be honest, was more interested in this hybrid, fast-paced space and the cultural diversity of this place as well as the people living there.


Interaction Design Internship at Designit, Munich

As an intern at the global design consultancy Designit, I was designing on a variety of client projects for the mobility, finance, and consumer electronics market while continuously learning.


Co-Founder of INT-RA, Zurich

Together with Nora Gailer & Lorena Strohner, we aimed to explore new hemispheres & connections between technology, human beings & social structures. We created two interactive installations before continuing onto different mission to other universes (who knows what the future holds...).


UI/UX Designer at Designit, Munich

As part the global design consultancy Designit I spent my time crafting great (digital) products & services while helping big corporations to be braver and actually make a change.


Senior UI/UX Designer at Infarm, Berlin

I was designing (digital) experiences and internal tools for Infarm and exploring the many possibilities that vertical and on-demand farming services can bring to urban communities.

A glimpse into some projects I’ve been involved in.

Psst... Some of them are more or less confidential.
Handle with care. I trust you.


Guide people on their journey to buy their first property

I helped Überseehub in launching their first product to empower potential property buyers in the process of buying their first (dream) property. Within the 3 months working for Überseehub, I helped the team launch a market ready MVP with a core set of features, defined the foundation of a brand identify, and helped design the app and landing page.

Infarm UX Vision

A vision for an autonomous agriculture operating system

Infarm needed a strong vision and strategy for its digital operating system that would steer Infarms end-to-end autonomous agriculture operations. This vision should be a shared aspiration for the whole team building it. It was important for us to create a compelling and believable story to guide our people through why we are aiming to build this operating system long-term.

Infarm Design System

The foundation of a scalable design system

At Infarm, I initiated and kicked-off the process of building the foundation of a scalable design system covering all of Infarms internal tools to enable UI/UX Designers and Front-End Engineers in vertical teams to build new features more efficiently and consistenly.

A Last Flower

A last flower

A last flower portraits a diary entry of fictitious character Hana, a teenager living in an alternate reality where a lockdown is happening. The short film "A Last Flower" portraits her experience in quarantine, the interactions she has with a holographic flower device, her thoughts & wishes for the time after the lockdown & digital coping mechanisms that she embraced in these uncertain times at home.

Omni Channel Redesign Telco

A holistic, omnichannel experience

Together with Designit, we defined a new digital brand strategy & designed an omnichannel experience across all digital touchpoints for a major Saudi Arabian Telco brand that would fit neatly into the opening of their market and culture as a whole.


Bold watch faces tailored to every lifestyle

Together with Designit, we developed a wide range of watch faces covering different lifestyle needs for the multinational technology and consumer brands soon to be released smartwatches. We delivered 170 watch faces for 11 different watch face models using a people-centric framework that helped us create watch face concepts tailored to different lifestyle moments.

In Peace, We Believe

A toolkit for peace mediation

With some very talented colleagues at Designit, we created ‘In Peace, We Believe’, an interactive tool to facilitate conversations around conflict prevention, peace mediation, and peace building, as a modern alternative of Major Arcane. It allows exploring the full scope of a potential conflict and pre-emptively facilitate new, innovative, and unbiased conversations to discover common ground based on mutual tolerance and just compromises towards a peaceful settlement.

The State Of Money

The state of money

The State of Money is a collection of stories which brings to life the underlying trends of the current financial landscape. They develop from the perspectives and behaviours of three young adults, revealing which role finance plays in their lives. Going beyond a traditional report, this work portrays trends and statistics in a more human and meaningful way, placing money in a bigger context, made of people’s needs, objectives and desires.

Car Assistant App confidential

Making old cars smart (again)

Together with Designit, we explored how we could add value to older cars with connected features through the concept of retrofit vehicle connectors (RVC) tailored to real car owner needs. We delivered an app with six connected car features that were tested in an initial pilot phase with 180 participants.


Luce & the culture of dreams

I spend some time exploring the culture of dreams. I tried to become a professional dreamer through self-experiments, prototyped a speculative quantified dream device & created an algorithm-based visual dream language installation. On this journey, I met Lucy, a professional dreamer from the future that would further influence this whole exploration and give a glimpse of how we might interact with our dreams in the future.

The past is not as exciting anymore.