I just woke up from a (wonderful) dream.

My name is Simon, I’m currently home in Berlin, Germany where I design experiences for Infarm and explore the many possiblities that vertical and on-demand farming services can bring to urban communities.

Let me show you some of the things that excite me.

Imaging a messy desk, a bookshelve or a record collection. Just virtually.

What I’m reading
right now.

What I'm listening toright now.

Personally & culturally, I'm in love with music. I write about better contemporary pop music on Orange Peel – a swiss music blog I co-founded with a bunch of music enthusiast. Some of my current favourite tracks can be found in this playlist and also in my bi-monthly radio show on GDS.FM.

What I'm exploringright now.

Some of my personal ideas & projects, focussing around human behaviours, social & technological structures, cultural dynamics & possible futures can be found on are.na.
I also use are.na to collect my thoughts & all kind of exciting things I find on the internet and elsewhere.

I intend to always design for and with culture and I do believe that (pop) culture defines in a lot of ways who we are. 
Sometimes to the better, sometimes to the worse.

Oh, did you ever dream?

But more important than pop culture, I believe, are dreams. They somehow define our future, our values & needs as well as what we believe in, always mixture with a bit of poetry & chaos.

...or how about we start dreaming together?